what your doctor may not tell you

We really appreciate our family doctor and medical specialists but have you ever thought out “what your doctor may not have told you” Well yes it sounds absurd.

My personal experience was when I went to the gynecologist in my early 40´s and mentioned I had a 3-day migraine before my period and then 3 – 4 days migraine mid-cycle. She told me to stop eating cheese,  drinking coffee, and red wine.

I said to her that I only ate cottage cheese, in Spain known as Questo de Burgos, and drank the occasional shandy, a weak gin & tonic, English tea in the morning, and water all day. “Oh”, she replied. She gave me Estriodil ẞ and told me to apply it daily.

When I got home I had a read up about it and then asked myself “how can she prescribe me a hormone gel, if she didn’t know my hormone levels, I had had no blood test or saliva test”  I did however decide it was not for me after reading about it.

Then I spoke to a friend who had previously recommended me to try Progesterone, but natural, and that she was sure I had hormonal migraines. I knew she wasn’t selling me anything, but she had been studying for about 10 years worldwide cases of hormone replacement therapy.

Of course, at this stage I had no idea whatsoever she was talking about., but knew she was very informed.

So off I go to England, I made an appointment to see a doctor at the health clinic where they used the Gerson Method for natural cancer treatment, and very successfully too, they also specialized in EFL and hormone balance. Dr. Paul Layman was also a personal friend of Dr. John Lee, I felt right, the moment I walked in there.

It was diagnosed that I was actually in peri-menopause, had hormonal migraines, and had a quist on my left ovary that needed removing immediately. I also was prone to the normal migraine attacks too, but in fact, it was oranges, chemically treated red wine, and heavy perfumes with floral, but specifically with Jasmin notes, that affect me most.

Dr. John Lee & his books

what your doctor may not tell youI ordered this book and read it from cover to cover. I realized then that this was something amazing and I had to know more, so I then ordered the next series “what your doctor may not tell you about menopause. I thought to myself, I had better get ready for this.

That same Spring, May 2005, one Monday morning a tabloid newspaper hit the shelves with the following front page, “25,000 women in Britain affected by HRT, hormone replacement therapy”

I went back to the gynecologist whom I had seen 6 months previously and she asked me how was I getting on with the gel, I said “I don´t really think its for me, my blood test from the GP shows I have Estrogen Dominance, and trying to be polite I pointed out that the gel was predominantly estrogen.

She replied “well we would have known if it affected you, you would have very strong cramp pains in your abdomen and heavy unbearable periods” then I would have taken you off it.

Shocked and beside myself I showed her a print-off about Natural Progesterone Cream and told her I was using it, and following a diet for hormone balance. She took the paper, looked it over, and then passed it back to me quite swiftly and said “what do you want me to do, read it after my dinner”?  No, I replied, but I thought as a medical doctor and a woman you would be interested to know about this therapy.

I pointed out how amazing I felt, my migraines stopped after 6 weeks of using it, before my second period. My hot flushes have gone down to only one occasion, instead of 5- 10 a day, and I feel very happy and bright. She said to me “you will be back soon, mark my words”  I haven´t seen this doctor again in my life.

So why do we need to research our own health you may ask? precisely, for this reason, there may be things your doctor may not have told you. Always do your own research and listen to your body.

Natural Progesterone Cream ProgesterAll


Natural Progesterone ProgesterAll Balancing Cream is easy to use and side-effect-free. Women´s lives are changing daily because they are researching their symptoms and trying alternatives to HRT and other prescriptive drugs for menopause symptoms.

We are so fortunate that Dr. John Lee left us with this enlightening information in his books.

With some lifestyle changes, women can get their life back as it was before if you want to know more about Dr. John Lee you will see his dedication to his work and how he sincerely wanted to help women worldwide and he wanted women to know about this therapy that would change their life completely.

If you have any menopause symptoms and would like to discuss them with our assessor, please feel free to contact us.

We can help you with some lifestyle tips, dietary ideas, simple gentle exercises, and guidance with hormone balance with Natural Progesterone Therapy.