Natural Progesterone cream is a form of hormone replacement therapy designed to balance hormones and help relieve menopause and perimenopause symptoms, reduce signs of skin aging, and prevent the bone loss that could lead to Osteoporosis. Natural Progesterone Cream works together with its partner hormone Estrogen but eventually, in time they become unbalanced, this is where the problems start!

Progesterone is calming and extremely powerful for perimenopausal women and especially for PMS, during the second half of the cycle when the hormone levels drop and women feel uncontrollably imbalanced.

This wonderful cream is available without a prescription and made with natural plant-based derived progesterone. It is a viable alternative to the progesterone pills and capsules; due to the fact that it is bio-identical, this means it is absorbed by the skin and processed by the liver so your body then recognizes it and simulates it, so avoiding progesterone passing through the stomach and dissolving in the acids and juices.

Health Benefits of Progesterone Cream

Progesterone is the happy cream, one of the first symptom changes women notice is that their mood changes and they feel much brighter within a very short time, so when a woman starts the hormonal balance journey, she will notice the benefits along the way immediately. Progesterone is super safe with life-changing benefits.

The benefits of natural progesterone cream are immense. When women begin to feel the benefits they realize how hormonally imbalanced they were! Mood swings and depression are some of the most debilitating symptoms that occur in perimenopause, and this is just the beginning. Skin becomes more radiant, sleep becomes easier and tummy and hip fat start to diminish. So the benefits become clear when using natural progesterone cream regularly.

Progesterone is produced mainly in the ovaries whose role is to help regulate menstruation and pregnancy. As we age progesterone levels will drop precipitously, triggering a cascade of physical and emotional symptoms. Infertility and osteoporosis can be overcome with regular use of progesterone cream.


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Our Resident Health Specialist – Dr. Jose Mercola

Using Natural Progesterone cream will certainly make a difference to a woman´s facial skin. So, by adding a little to your daily moisturizing cream you will have another option to apply it, as long as you are staying indoors of course. I would also like to mention The top foods for beautiful, healthy skin.