What can be done for menopausal symptoms

First women have to realise that this is a subject that is not discussed openly, however we all agree that it should be. Many women I talk to have no idea what peri-menopause is at all. They have no idea that as young as 35 women can begin slight menopause symptoms, denominated as “peri-menopause” this is the beginning of the changes that will come soon.

However, this is not a negative things, this is a natural occurrence for women, its part of life, but women are still not being informed about it.

The common thread running through all these conditions is estrogen dominance in relation to a relative insufficiency of progesterone. At this point, the last thing a woman needs is more estrogen!!

The vast majority of menopausal problems can be avoid by good nutrition, avoidance of toxins, regular exercise, and the proper supplementation, when indicated for hormone balance of rea, honest to goodness, natural progesterone.

How will you feel when you begin to use natural progesterone cream?

Immediately after a women begins Progesterone Therapy she will feel the positive side effects, there is no looking back, but be sure you are using the cream correctly. If you are not sure, then send us a message and ask our consultant to help you with this.

A very small percentage of women continue to have hot flushes and vagina dryness, but this can be dealt with using a low dosage vaginal gel. Ask me for more information. This eventually ceases, but as with all natural products patience is the key. Find out more regarding symptoms or contact us about your personal symptoms.

We refer to hormone balance or menopausal symptom solving as “a holistic journey” so what does this mean? Basically women need to begin with what they are consuming, food, drink, products they use on their body, hair etc. Diet plays a big part in how your hormones respond. Choosing positive and happy associations, rather than friends and acquaintances that drag you down. This sounds silly maybe, but its very true. Many symptoms are sorted out by just a few lifestyle changes.

sandie ashing

Meet our guest for April – Sandie Ashing – Food plan for menopause is not a “diet” its a plan

I’m Sandie Ashing and I have found the natural key to my menopause muffin, and some other surprises I didn’t expect on my weight loss journey: In under a year I dropped 32kgs, that’s 5 stone, I have more energy than I have had in years, and whenever I bump into old friends they tell me I look 10 years younger !

To truly change shape long term, you need to change your lifestyle. There are many reasons why people can’t, and are still carrying around that extra weight. Emotional Eating, Cravings, Limiting beliefs

My “hypnosis sculpting” sessions are designed to help you override a lot of these blocks. You will not only sculpt your body shape. Your mind-set and lifestyle will also change, creating a stronger, fitter, healthier, slimmer, even more confident you. It’s having something that works and makes you who you want to be. Healthy mind = Healthy body

So what is hypno-sculpting?

Hypno-sculpting is a unique award winning specialist weight loss program I have created.

  • It is delivered by live zoom meetings to a group with limited numbers to keep it personal and private
  • It combines meal plans and menus that fuel your body correctly.
  • 5 weekly hypnosis sessions that work with your subconscious mind….putting mind & body back in harmony.
  • I’ll teach you the tricks I use to enjoy rich delicious food again guilt free.
  • I’ll teach you about the impact of food on your health, energy and weight.
  • What your body used for fuel when you were 20 is not what it wants for fuel as you hit 40 and beyond.

Allow me help you into your CHANGING… room effortless weight loss! Guaranteed.

Following this program will help you take your body back to basics, back to nature, back to your factory settings…back to how you should be living. Allow me help you into your CHANGING…….room effortless weight loss! Guaranteed!

Join me on my live FREE zoom meet up, I will tell you my story, and how I found the secret. I will share my top tips that you can start today on your own journey.  This is just an informal chat, bring a cuppa, wear your slippers, I will probably be wearing mine too!

For further information, please contact Sandie by email or visit her website for a no obligation chat.

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