The month of August, it can be a stressful time for women. Some have children at home, an elderly parent or grandchildren to take care of, or simply just suffer from the hot weather.

Hot flushes and Night Sweats

This is a good time to increase your dosage of Natural Progesterone Cream, use a larger pea size on the soles of your feet at night when you get into bed. Massage it in the centre of the sole of your feet gently.

During the day, you can apply an extra dab in the morning, remember to keep it away from the sun. So if you are going to the beach or pool, then apply it at least 2 hours before you leave home. When you get home and shower, then add two more dabs to your wrists and inside elbows.

Wear natural material, like linen and cotton for comfort. Sleeping at a temperature of around 19 – 21 degrees is comfortable, if you live in a hot country then be sure to keep Air Con on the “sleep mode” so you are not sleeping in a very cool temperature compared to the outside temperature, I would suggest around 25 – 26 degrees should be fine.

Always use cotton sheet and pillowcases for comfort and if you wake in the night, take a cool shower, just let the water run over you to cool you down, then pat dry and back to bed for a nice long sleep. Lavender cologne is good too and keeps the mosquitos away too. Lavender essential oil drops can be dropped on the top part of your pillow, or mixed in a personalised mixture, be careful not to get it on your face and in your eyes. Lavender is relaxing and bugs hate it. Used for centuries you can find lots of way to use lavender.

Daytime Tips

If you are working from home, try to start work early in the morning around 8am and finish earlier at lunchtime. If you are working in an office or outside the home, enquire about flexitime, many companies offer this kind of timetable. Early or late, whichever suits your lifestyle. Your boss will not understand that menopause is difficult for you in the work place, however you can make your own arrangements.

Household chores still have to be done, try to do housework in the morning when its cooler, this is the best time to be moving about. You will also feel better when your jobs are done and you can continue with your day.

Menopause Chef – Mealtimes is not fun in the kitchen and it doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, the family will always be ready and waiting for their meals.

This is when your culinary skills come into action – there are many ways to make- salads, potato, pasta, vegetables and vegetables like lettuce with fruit added. Try adding grated apple and carrot to your salad. Find different ways to make salads, your famiy will enjoy the change.

Danish open sandwiches are a great way to eat less bread and make different toppings. Dips, Guacamole and hummus are a great way to make life easier in the kitchen. No ovens on in August ! this is not the time of year to bake, so if you have visitors or would like to make a desert, there are many desert recipes such as cheesecake and trifle, then make these and be practical in the kitchen.

Visitors – if you are having parties or visitors, then make it practical, ask guests to bring something, you can set the table and make the dessert and everyone will have something different to eat. BBQ´s are great, but not ideal mid day, early evening is ideal and the weather is cooler and you have more time to prepare for it.


age spot gel

When the seasons change and summer arrives many women have perspiration issues that cause black spots and patches on their skin. This Azelaic Acid Spot Gel does the trick with natural ingredients, so it doesn’t harm the epidermis.

Our Azelaic Acid Acne Gel is an excellent way to directly address breakouts, spots, and redness. Formulated with a water-soluble azelaic acid derivative and retinol, our spot gel effectively works to remedy that pesky pimple. It’s also suitable For all skin types; use it to focus on specific, acne-prone areas.

  • Gently unclogs pores, encouraging healthy skin cell growth.
  • Focuses on problem areas, addressing acne and keratin build-up.
  • Helps with hyperpigmentation, a common post-breakout skincare issue.
  • For all skin types
  • Acne-prone skin & Clogged pores





natural balancing cream

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