Summer is a great time of the year, time to travel, meet old friends, visit relatives, go to the beach or local swimming pool and relax with your family and take some time off. However, it is also very important to take the sun seriously and make sure we are taking care in summer.

The sun can be very healthy but at the same time it is very powerful and can be dangerous, that is not to say that you can’t sit outside and take in those rays of vitamin D, but remember early morning sun until 11 am and late afternoon sun from 5 pm till late is the best time to soak up those rays. I

Ideally staying indoors or in the shade between the times of 12:00 – 16:00 hrs.

Always use a sunscreen, even when sitting int he shade. Try to use one with a 30 – 50 SFP. Always cover your face using a hat or sun umbrella and apply a 50 SFP to your face. Keep the top are of your breast covered or use a double layer of cream to protect this delicate area.

Never, never sunbathe topless. Your breasts are covered up for most of the year, and sudden exposure to damaging rays of the sun can lead to serious repercussions and are one of the many reasons women suffer from breast cancer later on in life.

Taking a shower or a tepid bath is a lovely way to cool down after a day at the pool or beach. Remember to use a good moisturizer and occasionally a hair mask to protect your hair from sun damage.

Drinking lots of fluids is vital, our body needs to keep hydrated, and especially in the summer if you are traveling to another country be sure to find out if the water is drinkable and buy some mineral water as soon as you arrive.

Drinking hot drinks in summer is also a good idea. Cool cocktails are enjoyable in the evening, but sudden cold icy drinks are a shock to the system on a hot day, so try not to drink too many cold drinks.

During the evenings always apply an anti-mosquito cream/gel/repellent roll-on. You can make this at home:

Ingredients: Parsley, Apple Cider Vinegar, Peppermint Essential Oil (optional)

  • Using a mortar and pestle add a palm of fresh parsley,
  • 2 egg cups of cider vinegar, and masterate it. (4 oz)
  • Leave it overnight to stew.
  • Then fill a small spray bottle and you are ready to go.

You can use this spray on your hair, body, and clothes, if you are not keen on the vinegar aroma, this will disappear once it dries on your skin.

You may also add 2 drops of peppermint essential oil, but if you do add oils, then be sure to shake the bottle every time you use it.

This is safe and organic and it works. You can make a large bottle and keep it in the fridge and take a small spray bottle with you when you go out in the evenings.

For mosquito bites – if they do get you !!! use a hot teaspoon to kill the protein. Hold the teaspoon on for as long as you can stand it, repeat. The itching will stop. Follow with Tea Tree Cream to keep the bite infection-free.

If you do have an ant or fly bite, dap the bit with cotton wool soaked in Himalayan salt water. You can buy this online or at a health food store.

Foot Bath: Two teaspoons of Himalayan Salt in a bowl of water is a good detox, soak your feet while you read and release toxins from your body.

natural progesterone progesterAll

How to care for your ProgesterAll Cream in summer

  • Keep your cream in a cool place and not in areas of above 25 degrees
  • Place your secondary tubes safe in a dark place, or somewhere where there is not a lot of light
  • Apply the cream in different areas each day in areas the sun with not reach it.
  • Do not apply the cream on top of sunscreen or makeup. Do not apply to your face, unless you are indoors for the day.
  • If you apply your cream on the soles of your feet, be sure to do this after a shower on clean feet when you get into bed
  • If you perspire more than normal, then apply the cream in areas such as inside your bra, on your breasts, and behind your knees.
  • When your tube is almost empty, cut the tube across the middle, under the word Balancing Cream, take it out with your finger and fit the top part over it.

If you haven´t used Natural Progesterone Cream yet, and are curious as to how it works, please feel free to contact us with details of your symptoms and a free consultancy with our consultant guide.


Our Resident Health Expert Dr. Jose Mercola

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Dr. Mercola is a renowned medical doctor and natural therapist –  In-depth investigations and research on health articles and issues.

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