Under the normal, healthy circumstances, symptoms and conditions associated with estrogen dominance are not noticed. So problems arise when we introduce foreign oestrogens that interfere with natural hormone balance production.

Normally a healthy menstrual cycle is balanced by progesterone, one of the female vital hormones, and is able to be metabolized by the liver.

So what happens?

A large proportion of meat, chicken and dairy products contain foreign oestrogens that are used to add weight and monetary value to animals in our food chain. This is of course at the expense of our health.

In addition, pesticide residues with oestrogenic properties are consumed in the food given to these animals. So subsequently concentrated in the milk and fat of the meat.

These exogenous oestrogens are then deposited in our fatty tissues and on oestrogen receptors, where they have been implicated in promoting conditions from fibrocystic breast disease to breast cancer.

Here are a few tips to help you avoid this situation

  • Reduce intake of simple sugars
  • Eliminate or reduce the consumption of caffeine, high fat, unfermented dairy products and alcohol
  • Eliminate or severely restrict commercial animal meats and saturated fats
  • Cut out artificial sweeteners, MSG and tobacco
  • Increase dark green leafy vegetables, legumes and whole grains
  • Increase fibre and complex carbohydrates to 70% of daily calorific intake
  • Consume more cold water fish and legumes for protein
  • Use protein powders in shakes and smoothies
  • Consume smaller more frequent meals and healthy snacks
  • Avoid more than 4 hours during any day of 12 hours overnight without food
  • Drink plenty of water, 8 glasses daily. With lemon, lemon and ginger, cucumber, other berries
  • Spend time outside, no matter the weather.