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ProgesterAll Balancing Cream & How Dr. John Lee change lives

ProgesterAll is a light easy use natural balancing cream. The perfect solution for women who need hormone support without chemicals or parabens.
ProgesterAll is a bio-identical gel cream that your body recognises and adapts to very easily.

Dr. John Lee has changed the lives of women around the world. He knew that women needed something and he was determined to discover it. He personally coined the phrase “Estrogen Dominance” as he realised that this was in fact what was happening to women, he continued his investigation as to how women could balance their hormones with Progesterone Cream and leave behind artificial hormone therapies. It had to be bio-identical and it had to be transdermal. ProgesterAll was born.

We are very fortunate at Mi Vida Natura to be able to offer our customers the number one Natural Balancing Progesterone Cream ProgesterAll.

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natural progesterone cream

ProgesterAll Cream and Dr. John Lee´s Books

Dr. John Lee first published his startling conclusions about conventional hormone replacement therapy (HRT) he said “synthetic hormones don’t work as predicted and worse still, they pose a health threat to women” His findings blew up a storm of controversy. A few years later research has proved him right. Now millions of women concerned about aging and facing menopause are looking for alternatives to HRT and finding them in natural therapies such as ProgesterAll Natural Balancing Cream.



This was Dr. Lee’s effective and commonsense approach to restoring hormone balance. He recommended that women chose a healthy diet, stop smoking, use gentle exercise daily, and get some Natural Progesterone into their bodies. He began to write his series of books “What your doctor may not tell you” First about Peri-menopause, women were not aware that this even existed!   Followed by “What your Doctor may not tell you about Menopause” these books opened the eyes of women around the world. They began to realise that there was an option for natural hormone balance, menopause and peri-menopause symptoms, not only that it worked for Premenstrual Tension in younger women. Dr. Lee also wrote other books such as Progesterone, the remarkable hormone, certainly worth reading and full of valuable content for women today.

The female hormones Progesterone and Estrogen

Women are blessed with two sex hormones, Progesterone and Estrogen, which were designed to work alongside each other and in harmony. However, with age and outside influences, these two hormones can easily become unbalanced.
As we age these two hormone levels drop slowly, but Progesterone is the hormone that falls lower. Eventually causing hormone imbalance or “estrogen dominance” as coined by Dr. John Lee.

Some women however feel very little difference and sail through menopause, however they may suffer unnoticeable symptoms such as osteoporosis or endometriosis, for this reason regular check ups at your health practitioner or gynaecologist is vital.

So for women with minor symptom or full blown life changing symptoms there is a natural solution – ProgesterAll Balancing Cream, it provides all the benefits and no side effects, it is easy to use and because it is bio-identical your body will accept it and adjust to it immediately.

How long will it take for my body to adapt?

This will vary from woman to woman depending on the severity of her symptoms and lifestyle

Many symptoms will diminish or become less bothersome within a month of using ProgesterAll, other symptoms may take longer as your body accepts the increase of progesterone in your system.
Identifying your symptoms and keeping a positive mindset is key to hormone balance, using ProgesterAll on a regular basis will ensure your body remains balanced.

Lifestyle is an important part of hormone balance as is a balanced diet, gentle exercise and living as stress free as possible.

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