Are you silently suffering from Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a serious condition, often no recognized or realized by women until it is too late. Sometimes referred to as ‘the silent killer’ osteoporosis has no apparent symptoms and is rarely diagnosed until after a fracture has occurred.

The hormonal changes of “the change of life” during perimenopause and menopause accelerate the problem with the decreasing levels of Progesterone.

It is also believed that modern lifestyles and eating habits combined with environmental pollutants are largely to blame for a general decline in bone quality amongst mature western women.

Dr. John R. Lee, who spent over 20 years prescribing natural progesterone, and dedicated much of that time to researching its effectiveness in treating osteoporosis. He realized that women needed Natural Progesterone Cream to help with this symptom and since that time women have been using this wonderful cream for Osteoporosis and other symptoms.

His studies showed a 15% average increase in bone marrow density amongst post-menopausal women using transdermal bioidentical progesterone cream over a 3 year period. This contrasts highly with an average 5% drop in bone density experienced by women taking no treatment at all.

Dr John Lee

“Post-menopausal osteoporosis is a disease of inadequate osteoblast-mediated new bone formation secondary to progesterone deficiency. Progesterone restores osteoblast function. Natural progesterone hormone is an essential factor in the proper treatment of osteoporosis.”

Dr. John R. Lee


The most common sites of fractures related to osteoporosis are the hip, the spine and the wrist, often as a result of fairly minor accidents, these fractures will also heal at a slower rate. Not every woman will develop osteoporosis during menopause, but it is wise to check if there are any other women in your family that have had it or suffer from it at the moment.

The next step would be to request a bone density test from your doctor or practitioner, this would enable you to regularly keep an eye on your bone quality. If you are not satisfied with the results of your test you could then consider using Natural Progesterone Cream to keep your bones in good condition and free from deterioration. Applying Natural Progesterone Cream may and in many cases does reverse or improve the majority of cases.

natural progesterone cream

Certain factors can make it more likely that you could develop osteoporosis

  • Family History of the disease
  • Poor diet, especially too much fat and protein
  • Lack of bone-building nutrients
  • Smoking & Alcohol
  • Lack of exercise
  • The Contraceptive Pill
  • Late puberty
  • Early Menopause
  • Progesterone Deficiency
  • Severe Estrogen Deficiency or Estrogen Dominance
  • Parathyroid Imbalance
  • Lack of Calcium (from the thyroid)
  • Are taking drugs which can cause dizziness
  • Are taking chronic steroid therapy
  • Using Antacids regularly
  • Drinking more than 2 cups of coffee daily

What can be done?

Take more exercise, especially weight-bearing exercises and walking regularly. Jogging, dancing, playing tennis or paddle are all great for your bones, but you have to do something that you enjoy and can see yourself doing on a regular basis.

Not only is this good for you, but meeting new people is a great part of exercising, making new friends is always interesting and a great way to pass time exercising.

Check your dietary habits. Be sure to eat bone-strengthening foods. Cut down on fat and animal fats. Aument your intake of healthy fats, such as avocados and olive oil. Carbonated drinks and high caffeine drinks are not the ideal choices for bone health.

Make interesting tasty smoothies and fresh fruit juices from your favorite fruits. Lots of green leafy vegetables stir-fried with mushrooms, red and green peppers, broccoli, pakchoi, and bean sprouts. Add some chilies and coriander for extra flavor. The secret in the kitchen is to experiment with different foods, why not try something new each week.

Tofu sliced and grilled with herbs and a dash of soy sauce is an ideal protein snack or to combine with a mixed vegetable plate, steamed or stirfried. White or brown steamed rice with black pepper and some parsley or coriander to finish it off. Tofu offers a good source of protein and calcium.

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