Incorporating a holistic philosophy with natural hormone balance cream

For many women worldwide menopause produces majorly intrusive symptoms. 80% of women experience some kind of symptom, 50% of them express some emotional disturbance, loss of libido, vaginal dryness, anxiety depression, and brain fog. Just to mention a few of the most common issues.

HRT has become a popular broad-based treatment, but according to the women´s imbalance study in 2005, the relief it brings to women also carries very high risks of breast cancer, heart disease, stroke, dementia, and thrombosis. This is generally caused by the level of estrogen that is within the medication. Remember that HRT is not derived from natural sources, so the chemicals used are often rejected by the female body in different ways.

In May 2005 a British Tabloid Newspaper reported “25,000 women with HRT related cancers had been discovered” So after this report, long term use of HRT was not being used, it has slowly become less popular, especially the women involved in the study, they stopped using it immediately.

Today many women are seeking an alternative method of controlling their symptoms, with simple management and no long term side effects.

Women have now realized that a holistic approach is the only philosophy for successful natural hormone balance

Every aspect of our lives interacts with the other, our body and mind are connected in a way that we owe it to our body to understand this connection and work on it.

What is the answer to a holistic approach, let me give you a few points to review privately in the comfort of your own home. Ask yourself the following questions regarding your holistic health: By analyzing your answers you will get a good idea of how you should begin to change your ways to a healthier hormone balance journey.

  • Do I control my diet and take care of what foods I consume?
  • Am I taking a good intake of healthy liquids and plenty of water?
  • Am I conscious of my level of supplements, including herbs, vitamins, and minerals
  • Am I looking out for my mental attitude towards other people
  • Do I chose my acquaintances and friends wisely
  • Do I practice a relaxing exercise routine that keeps me calm and supple
  • Do I get plenty of fresh air and take in the beauty around me
  • Do I get regular sleep and sufficient hours to keep me healthy?
  • Am I focused on the positive side of hormone balance?

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Addressing your diet should be your first step. If tweaking your diet is not enough, there are a number of nutritional supplements and herbs that might do the trick. If all else fails, you could also consider bioidentical hormone therapy. Read more of this interesting article.

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Legumes and Grains, are they good or bad for you, what do you think about using them in your diet?

Meats and Seafood, there is an abundant amount of information regarding where they come from and if they are ok for us or not


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