We have all heard about “Menopause” or “The Change of Life” but what about Peri-menopause. This is a stage of life that can also be considered hormone imbalance.

At the age or around 35 – 50 women can begin to experience hormonal changes. However, they are sometimes not aware of this. This is because they have not been told about it or learned about it. As young women our mothers talk to us about our menstrual cycle, and how babies are made, but that is it!

Usually women begin with tender breasts before their period and heavy Pmt symptoms, such as, mood swings, bouts of crying, feeling low for no reason and heavy periods.

Important points about Peri-menopause

So what causes this to happen? The depletion of Progesterone as we age eventually causes Estrogen to rise, this in turn will become Estrogen Dominance. A phrase coined by the famous Dr. John Lee

Is Estrogen Dominance dangerous? Well yes it certainly is, this can cause cancer, uterine cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cysts and other kinds of cancers found in women. As we age, estrogen drops, but progesterone drops to a lower level. So the best approach is natural progesterone to replace the missing hormone level.

So what can be done about this? We must increase our intake, or use of Progesterone, ideally a natural bio-identical and transdermal cream. This works fast and efficiently. Also, by using a natural progesterone, you will not experience the side effects of chemically made progestins, which of course are used in The Pill and certain HRT medications.

Why doesn’t the doctor or gynaecologist tell us about this? This is because doctors are trained to offer their patients medical drugs from the pharmaceutical companies and not natural products. Even though they may be aware that the products have synthetic hormones and chemicals in the product. This is very common in the western world.

What can I do then? The more you can learn about hormone balance and what causes it, the better it will  be for you.

natural progesterone cream peri-menopause

Natural Balancing Cream ProgesterAll – Transdermal and Bio-identical

ProgesterAll Balancing Cream is not only bio-identical but transdermal Which means that your body will react to it because it recognises it. Transdermal means that via your skin it will work much faster, not via your stomach in a tablet. This will dissolve and get lost in transit by taking it orally. So by using a cream the best possible results will take place.

For further information about using natural balancing cream please contact us. Please request a consultation if you would like to know how it may help you.

So with these points we can see that Peri-menopause can be treated with a gentle therapy. Peri-menopause may only appear just before menopause, but some women begin much earlier. So establishing the degree of symptoms you will be able to avoid some of the more complicated symptoms.