Hair and hormones during menopause is a very interesting subject. So what is it all about, lets look into the ins and outs of hair, vitamins and how it all fits together.

The hair follicle sits within the dermis in an oblique angle and attached to the bulb of the hair follicle are tiny blood capillaries carrying minerals ,vitamins and oxygen and removes toxins and waste. We also have nerve endings, which play an important role to our adrenal glands which controls our nervous system.

Hair is made up of a complex chain of amino acids, which are protein,  hence protein is key in our every day nutritional intake. Not only that, hormones play a major role in healthy hair growth, this is displayed best during pregnancy, when our oestrogen levels are at the highest, generally keeping the growth cycle to stay in a longer growing phase, giving a healthy glossy abundance appearance to the hair.

During menopause oestrogen and progesterone levels decrease thus impacting on hair health , as the oestrogen hormone plays a key role in a healthy hair growth cycle producing important elements in maintaining strong hair and a longer growth cycle.

Thyroxine is a sex hormone which influences hair health and effects the hair growth cycle, thyroxine is produced by the thyroid gland and is therefore, influenced by the adrenal glands producing cortisol levels , which assist in controlling our nervous system. So, with this in mind you can see how complex our bodies really are and the importance of a correct balance of thyroid , cortisol, progesterone  and oestrogen level.

hair and hormones

Due to the time frame of our growth cycle , the effect of an imbalance within can take anything from 3 – 18 months before presenting a hair health
issue , this could be anything from a decrease density of hair, hair breakage to a mass exodus of hair shedding , To ascertain your hair health
contact a qualified trichologist (look online for your nearest consultant)

A consultation involves a full medical, family, nutritional and lifestyle history along with recent blood tests this will enable the trichologist to give
a more accurate diagnose and treatment plan, if necessary.

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