Dr. Lee was a family practioner and M.D. He was an international speaker, author and pioneer for natural progesterone cream for hormone balance.

After years of listening to so many women who described their peri-menopause and menopause symptoms to him in great detail, he realised that they needed something more, and it had to be natural and gentle on the female system. He decided to do something about it.


doctor john lee

What did he do?

He eventually gave up his practise and spent years researching how women reacted to progesterone cream and what estrogen was doing to them. Dr. Lee came to the conclusion that “estrogen dominance” was the culprit and that the only way to balance out these two female hormones, was to increase progesterone in the body and lead as healthy as possible lifestyle.

Natural Progesterone Cream was born, in a tube, practical to take everywhere with you, bio-identical and easy to use. It was turning the lives around of women all over America and finally worldwide after his talk in a London hotel where doctors were present and listened to him.

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Dr John Lee speaking to practioners and doctors in a London Hotel, England

His work was intensive and he began writing his books on his findings, and he then told the world that women needed a bio-identical transdermal cream that would be available for women from all walks of life and all races, and that it would slowly dimish the uncomfortable symptoms of hormone imbalance by balancing out the two main female sex hormones, estrogen and progesterone. Simple and straight to the point.

natural progesterone cream

Naturally pharmaceutical companies were not impressed with his findings, because he had developed a cream that would be available to women and men worldwide without a prescription, and that they could control the symptoms by following the health practioners dosis at the beginning and then adapting it according to symptoms.

My work is to empower women naturally, and I have read all his books and aim to follow his work by making it known to women that, there is an alternative and it will be amazing. If you are interested in your health and how your body works, you will find them very enlightening.

What does it mean bio-identical and transdermal?

Bio-identical means that the body recognises it and adapts to it, transdermal cream passes the skin to the blood stream without being broken down in the stomach with acids and other liquids the way oral medication does.

Books by Dr. John Lee

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Breast Cancer  –  Dr Lee´s Hormone Balance made simple


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