We all have a bit of fun with our aunts and older sisters, but have you ever wondered if this is a condition, brain fog, or only in our mind?

It is not mentioned in medical texts books and not really recognized as a condition by many doctors, women often find that they are feeling confused or disorganized, find it hard to focus or forget small things.

Occasionally they cannot put your thoughts into words. It may be hormone-related as this is more common at menopause, but there are also other common reasons behind it all.

So why is this happening to women? What causes such a condition? These are very important questions and, we must ask ourselves to be able to understand our loved ones, mothers, sisters, and friends.

10 Reasons you may have Brain fog and only 1 is menopause

Stress – The number one cause for many women,  whatever their age or hormonal status. Difficulty in focusing on a conversation and then becoming anxious and easily distracted.

What is the answer?  Relaxation is the key, so help measures are the best areas to begin –  Qigong, Tai Chi, Stretching, and gentle exercise. Meditation and simple relaxation techniques have proved to be very successful and calming for women. This is exactly how oriental women take on these kinds of symptoms. Finding time for ourselves is the secret. We must all look at our circumstances and act upon it.

brain fog

Depression –  It’s hard to know, but surely worth considering that depression is linked to the loss of energy and motivation. Depression certainly affects your brain in a way that causes confusion and brain fog. You may not remember things well or be able to think through problems easily, everything you take on seems too much to handle when you have previously been able to do such things.

What can you do?  Again, meditation and relaxation will help tremendously. Taking time out for ourselves is key to making this work. Find someone to talk to, ideally a close friend or a consultant with experience in hormonal depression, they will understand you, as opposed to your family doctor, who is more than likely going to prescribe you antidepressants.  This is, of course, one way to help, but not the only way. Always have a hormone test, request your doctor issues a blood test for ALL the hormones. They may be reluctant, but it’s worth trying.

Menopause – Approaching 50, the hormonal changes at this time also lead to more stress and anxiety, this, in turn, may augment brain fog symptoms. So be sure to check your hormone balance levels. To avoid those surging peaks of estrogen, consider using a natural balancing cream ProgesterAll, with proven results for hormone balance.

Estrogen Dominance – Brain fog, or brain freeze, is often common for women at Menopause due to excess estrogen in our body. Stress and anxiety can add to the situation and make brain fog worse. Both factors can influence hormone balance which will contribute to the problem if you have experienced conditions such as estrogen dominance you are more likely to suffer from this condition.

Sleep – This is one of the most common symptoms at menopause, sleep is affected by hot flushes and night sweats. Not only tossing and turning in bed, a more frequent need to get up and use the bathroom in the middle of the night. Most of us need 7-8 hours of sleep, but if you are having broken night’s sleep then that certainly can make you more brain tired and confused.

What other things can we do? Limit caffeine and alcohol after lunch and keep the computer and smartphone out of your bedroom. Try taking a warm shower before you go to bed, sprinkle a few drops of lavender oil on your pillow. Ensure you go to be at regular times and only have one or a maximum of two late nights.medication and menopause

Medication – Some kinds of drugs, both from your doctor or those you can buy over-the-counter at a health store. These can attribute to many symptoms and brain fog. Ensure you know exactly what you are taking and if they mix together or not. Talk to your pharmacist or a consultant at the company you purchase herbs, vitamins, and supplements.

Dehydration – Often during a day we simply don’t drink enough to keep our body and brain functioning well. A busy lifestyle and a demanding job is very common in today’s world, but water is essential to avoid feeling tired and lethargic. Cut down on coffee or carbonated drinks then simply reducing or cutting those out can make a big difference to how sharp you feel. Fusion water bottles are perfect, you can add cucumber, lemon, lime, and some

Mi Vida Natura´s Featured Guest – Danielle Bakker

My name is Danielle Bakker, I was born in Amsterdam and the mother of 2 great boys and currently living in Spain.
Always interested in how our body and mind work, I started with the side of the massage of natural health.  After building a great practice in Huizen (Netherlands) under the name of Massage ‘t Gooi, I knew this was the work I was passionate about and wanted to do.

Sadly, in October 2018 my dear mother died, I decided to live the life that I really wanted! I met some wonderful people who helped me on my way to where I am now.

danielle bakker
First I realized my dream to perform massages in Spain on the beach for 3 months (summer 2019) and realized I didn’t want to go back to the Netherlands. Not yet anyway, I wasn’t ready and I fell in love with Spain, my new home. I am in fact still in Spain working with my massage work and also helping a friend with her B&B in Nerja.

I started a new mobile massage business in the surroundings of Marbella and Coin/Alhaurin el Grande and because I really care about health and wealth I started an online business as a vitality coach with supplements, exercises, and healthy foods. I also always like to eat healthily.

Why are massages so important for us as human beings?

Relaxation – Massage is relaxing for your body and mind. Excellent for sore and tense muscles, health issues related to tension and stress.
With a good massage, you will get rid of your muscle pain sooner than without a massage.
Awareness & Contact – Feel your body consciously and discover what you can feel. This gives you more contact with your body and a part of yourself. Especially the dynamic massage techniques which can make you much more aware of the feeling in and to your body.
The hands-on feeling – The feeling of being touched by another person is warm and safe, it is also one of our basic needs. If you have not been touched enough in the past or in the present, massage can give you something back.
Self Care – This can be for any number of reasons, perhaps if you feel anxious, depressed, or restless, need some extra attention, or feel unfit. But more importantly; you don’t have to be wrong or have a higher purpose to go to a masseur, pampering yourself is one of the best reasons!

So if you want to escape the daily hustle and bustle of life or just want to feel better, why not consider trying a relaxing massage. Not only will you feel better physically but it will allow you to feel at ease mentally.

If you would like to get in touch with Danielle for any of her services, please follow the following links:

Website: www.bodymind-massage.com

Facebook Business Page: Mind & Body LifeVantage

Telephone Contact: 0031 – 655301555

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