This is an important question ladies, “are you taking care of your body during menopause” ? This is after all the time of life when many things will change for you.

One of the most important aspects is that you take care of your mental attitude. Stress can be a very dangerous fact during menopause and for this reason women have to learn to keep calm and relaxed and not take on too much.

If you have grown up children, then be sure they play their part in the home and do not expect you to take the whole house and chores on by yourself. When children are growing up, it is vital that they learn to help in the home. This time of life for a woman is called “the change” and changed you will be.

No more periods. This is one of the good things about menopause, you will no longer have the messy period every month or be able to fall pregnant. Although some women find this difficult and it can be trying for them, the majority feel free and as if they were entering into a new phase of life. This is a good way to look at it.

Going back to the issue of stress, because it is something we must look at carefully. When hormones become imbalanced, women can have ups and down days. Or rather, one day they can feel amazing and then the next they may feel sad and depressed. Learning to control this is difficult but well worth looking at.  Joining a relaxation class, yoga or qigong group will  help you enormously. This is after all the time of life to take care of yourself.

Here are a few tips to help you with leading a more relaxed lifestyle:

  • Delegate in the home
  • Take a rest in the afternoon, reading, watching a film, a documentary on You Tube, take up a needle craft or art work
  • Join a women´s coffee morning or afternoon tea group. Chat with similar minded women
  • Take up a new hobby or indulge in something you always wanted to do, but never had the time, now you do.
  • Make the effort to contact friends and meet up for lunch or a walk in the park, keep in contact with your friends at all times
  • Walk away from arguments, people who make you nervous or speak negatively or make you feel generally “down hearted”
  • Try to talk to your husband so that he understands a little about hormone imbalance and how the hormones affect our personality, but that of course you are working on it and need his support

activities in menopause

Take good care of your legs and feet

This may sound a little strange, but your feet do a lot of work and really need a lot of care. Soak them in a warm bowl of water with bath salts or oils, keep your nails trimmed and any hard skin removed. Dry them and apply a nice moisturizing foot cream. This is one of the luxuries in life, and you will really feel great after it. Ideally do this one evening so you may go to bed relaxed and ready for a super nights sleep.

If you are applying ProgesterAll at night, then leave the soles of your feet free of the cream, so that you may apply the progesterone cream in the middle of the sole of the foot.

Your legs need to be massaged, always apply a good moisturizing cream and massage from the ankle upwards. All Asian women massage themselves, arms, shoulders, legs and feet. This is something you may not be comfortable with, but why not try it.

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