Today the food we consume is not always as good as we think. No matter how healthy we eat, we have to ask ourselves do we need supplements during menopause?

Many foods are laden with chemicals and flavourings, food enhancers and preservatives. Sometimes these are hidden from us and we have no idea we are consuming them.

  • So what is the answer, wherever possible be careful where you buy your fruit and vegetables, always soak them in a bowl with cold water and apple cider vinegar for half an hour when you get home
  • Make fresh sauces from scratch and avoid prepared ones in a jar
  • Use whole grain pasta and brown rice – may take a little getting used to it, but you use less and the nutty flavour makes i a great new experience.
  • Drink filtered water, water with cucumber, slice of lemon and a sprig of mint is a great drink to have around you all day whilst working or in a cool flask if you are out
  • If you do buy packed products, read the labels, avoid SLS (Sodium laureth sulphate) and MSG, this enhancing powder will play havoc with your hormone balance, not only that it can cause hormonal migraines and tension headaches and hot flushes too.
  • Don´t buy cold meats in plastic packets, they are full of E numbers and preservatives. Buy a whole chicken, or piece of pork or beef, cook it in the oven. Let it cool, and slice it for salads and sandwiches. It will stay fresh in the fridge and you know what you are eating.
  • Avoid packet or tinned soups, make your own, its easy and you can use any vegetables or a bone broth to make great soups all year round. In summer try Gazpacho, you will love it, no only that its very healthy too and you can chose the amount of each ingredient.


We have to remember that hormone balance is the key to everything, we are looking for supplements to boost our health and control our hormone balance. You may be taking another mineral or vitamin or omega 3, these supplements will work together perfectly. Just be sure to spread out the capsules over the day and after or during meals.

JUST PAUSE – Supports Symptoms of Peri-Menopause & Menopause

Formulated with vitamins that help support women’s health, our Just Pause supplement was created for women dealing with symptoms of menopause and peri-menopause.

A formulation of sage, magnesium, and zinc combined with a wide variety of vitamins helps support bone health, energy generation, concentration, memory function, and fatigue.

  • Magnesium & zinc play a vital role in strengthening the body’s defences against symptoms associated with menopause & peri-menopause
  • Vitamin B12 helps to reduce fatigue
  • Vitamin D helps support the maintenance of healthy bones
  • Includes daily recommended dose of Vitamin D
  • Includes Inulin – a prebiotic
  • Two tablets per day
  • Suitable for vegans & vegetarians


just pause support menopause and hormone balance

PROGESTERINE BALANCING CREAM – take care of it in summer

As summer is round the corner, it is vital to protect your cream. Progesterine is a delicate cream made with natural ingredients and there are no preservatives in it, so it is vital that you take care of it and keep it in a cool dark place, ideally where this is no sun coming through a window or next to a machine that gives off heat.

When applying your Progesterine cream, be sure the sun can´t reach it, ideally behind your knees, inside your bra straps, in your inner thighs, inside elbows area. It needs two hours to get into the system, so later if you go to the beach or lakes, and swim, it will have had time to do its job.

natural balancing cream

How can Progesterine help you?

What symptoms can it address? Read more……..

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